Miller Technical Services prides itself in having the most diverse range of experience in the development of products across the widest range of manufacturing processes from casting and CNC machining to injection or blow molded polymers and coatings. Not only by design but also first hand experience having performed many of the processes.

Experience ranges from DoD SBIR proposals, patents, license negotiations, product development, FEA, manufacturing process and method development, prototyping, testing, trade secret related projects, and more. From novel bolts and fasteners to complex multi-component mechanisms spanning multiple disciplines.

Utilizing advanced methods of project obfuscation and enhanced operational security from air gapped amnesiac encrypted workstations to in person delivery via hidden dead man's switch enabled in person secure transfers Miller Technical Services has your project securely covered from Alpha to Omega.

For clients having the resources and motivation Miller Technical Services has conceived and developed the single most secure file and communication method via internet unknown to public, private, or government entities.

There is no project too small or great for Miller Technical Services.

Should your project require the utmost privacy and anonymity Miller Technical Services is the paramount provider for your project's success.